Quick Answer: Can I Wash My Hair After A Relaxer?

You can technically wash your hair the day after getting a relaxer.

However, if you want to ensure that your hair has time to adjust to the chemical treatment, you should wait at least a week before washing.

Can you get a relaxer after washing your hair?

Do not wash or wet your hair at least two days before getting a relaxer. Relaxers are best applied on dry hair. If you agitate the scalp by washing your hair, the stylist may not relax your hair on that day. The two-week period is a breather for your hair and will give your scalp a chance to rest.

How do you maintain relaxed hair?

Read on for Handy’s tips on how to keep relaxed hair healthy during the summer.

  • Wash Your Hair Weekly and Double Up on Moisture.
  • Get Ends Trimmed Regularly.
  • Go Easy on Heat Styling.
  • Drink Water and Pay Attention to Your Diet.
  • Avoid Overprocessing.
  • Wait Awhile Before Installing Protective Styles.

Can you put relaxer on dirty hair?

Relax “Dirty” Hair

Don’t decide to relax at the last minute, especially if you just shampooed your hair. If you know you’re due for a relaxer, avoid cleansing (this includes co-washing) for about 7-10 days before applying chemicals. You should also avoid scratching your scalp or raking over it with a comb.

Why can’t I wash my hair before a relaxer?

Your hair and scalp produce natural oils that help protect the skin and hair from the harmful chemicals of a relaxer. If you wash your hair too soon before a relaxer it opens the pores of the scalp and removes the natural protective oils, which can lead to burning your scalp and hair.

How many days after washing can I relax my hair?

Wash your hair at least four days before relaxing, this will ensure that your scalp has generated enough natural lubricant to help to protect it during the chemical application process.

Which oil is best for relaxed hair?

Best Oils for Relaxed Hair

  1. Castor Oil. My general preference is to use an oil that penetrates the hair shaft, however castor oil only coats the hair shaft.
  2. Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil is the O.G. of natural oils that penetrate the hair shaft.
  3. Olive Oil. Olive Oil is another the O.G. of natural oils that penetrate the hair shaft.
  4. Wheat Germ Oil.

What is the best deep conditioner for relaxed hair?

Here, find the best deep conditioners for natural hair.

  • Best Overall: Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask.
  • Best Budget: Cantu Argan Oil Leave in Conditioning Repair Cream.
  • Best for Transitioning: SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque.

How do you stop relaxed hair from breaking?

5 Ways To Avoid Relaxed Hair Breakage

  1. Do protein treatments. Not just a protein-based rinse out or deep conditioner, but the hard protein treatments.
  2. Stay moisturized. Just like protein, moisture is key.
  3. Use a seamless comb.
  4. Be careful with the chemicals.
  5. Wear looser styles.

How often should relaxed hair be washed?

To do this, apply leave-in conditioner and natural oils to your hair every day. You can also wash your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. For best results, wash and deep condition your hair once a week, apply a protein treatment once a month, and relax your hair after 8-16 weeks.

How long should a relaxer sit in your hair?

The application times on their instructions call for 13, 15 or 18 minutes depending upon the coarseness/resistance of your hair. However, I leave my relaxer in for 21-25 minutes.

How do I make my relaxed hair curly overnight?

Take sections of air-dried hair and quickly detangle each section with a comb or brush. Then take a hair curler of your preferred size and apply them to your relaxed hair. Leave the curlers in overnight or for six to eight hours if you choose to do them during the day before an event.