How Do I Retrain My Brain?

Here are three ways to train your brain to think differently:

  • Reframe your unhelpful thoughts. Thinking things like “This will never work,” or “I’m such an idiot.
  • Prove yourself wrong. Your brain lies to you sometimes.
  • Create a personal mantra. Take stock of your negative thought patterns.

How can I retrain my brain to be positive?

The good news is that you can actually train your brain to become more positive through these 8 techniques.

  1. Observe your thoughts.
  2. Scan for the 3 daily positives.
  3. Give someone a shoutout.
  4. Help others.
  5. Surround yourself with positive people.
  6. Look after your body and mind.
  7. Subconscious re-training and inner healing.

How do you retrain negative thoughts?

13 Ways To Overcome Negative Thought Patterns

  • Have Daily Negative Thought Time.
  • Replace the Negative Thoughts.
  • Be Your Own Best Friend.
  • Write Instead Of Think.
  • Make A Conscious Effort To Find Things To Love, Like And Appreciate.
  • Ask Yourself Some Tough Questions.
  • Establish New Habits.
  • Stop Watching The Morning News.

How can I train my brain to be smarter?

9 Ways You Can Train Your Brain to be Smarter

  1. You are the company you keep. Electronics.
  2. Get enough shut-eye. Any lack of rest, relaxation and/or excessive stress can seriously reduce the efficiency of your brain function.
  3. Read, read, read!
  4. Food glorious food!
  5. Play games!
  6. Keep a diary or journal.
  7. Exercise your body as well as mind.
  8. Write with your hand.