Quick Answer: Should You Stretch After Walking?

What stretches to do after walking?

5 Stretches You Should Do After Every Walk

  • Stretch #1: Calves. Stand about arm’s length away from a chair, wall, or tree.
  • Stretch #2: Quads. Stand near a chair, wall, or tree.
  • Stretch #3: Hamstrings.
  • Stretch 4: Hips and Glutes.
  • Stretch #5: Chest and Shoulders.

Is it good to stretch before walking?

Walking is a great way to add physical activity into your lifestyle. But remember stretching is a very important part of any activity program. Be sure to warm up for several minutes to get your muscles warm and then stretch slowly for at least 5 minutes before you begin.

How do you stretch before and after walking?



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Does walking increase flexibility?

“Your muscles are warmer at the end of a walk so it’s easier to increase your range of motion and flexibility,” says Stanten. “And if you want to keep walking as you get older, you need to maintain your flexibility and range of motion.